You’re looking for an Orange County orthodontist, right? Bill Redmond Orthodontics is the place to go. We are dedicated to providing top-of-the-line dental care to Laguna Niguel and San Clemente residents, all while improving their smiles. In order to achieve the healthy, beautiful smile you’ve always wanted, we offer a variety of options ( lingual braces, braces and aligners)  to fix any bite issues.

An orthodontic specialist identifies, avoids, and corrects crooked teeth and misaligned jaws in dental care. In addition to treating buck teeth, overbites, deep bites, open bite malocclusion, and cross-bites, our team is well-versed in a variety of treatment techniques. With our help, you can achieve the straight, confident smile you’ve always wanted.

Treatment for Adults

No age restriction prevents you from receiving dental treatment to enhance your appearance. However, it is time to reconsider your belief that metal retainers are only appropriate for children and teenagers. Even though malocclusion therapy is most effective when teeth are young, more people are choosing it due to its various advantages for their dental hygiene, career, and social life.

Moreover, there are fewer noticeable and more pleasant choices for straightening your teeth, including transparent aligners, porcelain braces, and sublingual braces. There is no need for orthodontic therapy because one is available for any circumstance and financial circumstances.

Treatment for Teens

Since this is the ideal age for dental procedures, a considerable percentage of patients in dental cases in the US are between the ages of 12 and 17. Additionally, teen dentistry makes it simpler to align teeth and may repair dislocation to improve appearance. Additionally, it is simpler to clean, lowering the risk of developing holes and gum illnesses. In the United States, more than 50% of dentistry cases include individuals between the ages of 12 to 17.

Treatment for Kids

According to the US Association of Orthodontics, children should visit an orthodontist between the ages of 7 and 8. Any inherent abnormalities can be identified at the kid’s initial evaluation and treated immediately to prevent further development. A lifespan of great dental health depends on the early identification of dental problems.

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Treatment Options


The front of the molars is where braces are often placed, although they can also be positioned on the side that faces the tongue; they are known as lingual braces. The middle of the molars is attached with epoxy by coated steel or zircon bracket. In the brackets, lines are inserted into a slot to enable precise three-dimensional movement.

Treatment Duration

Treatment depends on the issue’s intensity, the space allowed, the extent the teeth should move, and the condition of the molars, gums, and underlying bone. How strictly the client adheres to guidelines and the length of time needed for orthodontics differs. But once brackets are applied, they typically stay on for 1 to 3 years.

Palatal Expansion

The ideal way to accomplish palatal expansion is to use a persistent tissue-born apparatus. Although detachable prostheses can move teeth forward, they are less successful in extending the maxillary sutures.


Invisalign headgear, also known as an “extra-oral apparatus,” is a type of therapy that involves strapping a tool to the patient’s head to assist cure misaligned teeth or malocclusion. This condition often occurs whenever the teeth are not correctly aligned. The most frequent usage of headgear is in conjunction with brackets or other dental equipment.

Jaw Surgery

Correcting significant misalignment may require jaw surgery. The bone is fractured during operation and stabilized with titanium metal plates to facilitate recovery. Periodic orthodontic therapy brings the molars into their ultimate place after treatment.

Throughout Therapy

LLLT (Low-level laser therapy), sonic tools, chewing aids, brainwave melodies, or dialectical behaviour therapy can all be utilized to lessen discomfort during dental therapy. But, the conclusions are equivocal, and the supporting information is of poor quality.

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Put an End to Your Search for an Orange County Orthodontist

Clients who visit orthodontics for counselling get better aesthetics and a better mouth with a lower chance of dental decay. Call Bill Redmond Orthodontics if you’re seeking a dentist in Orange County. You may overcome your phobia of going to the orthodontists with our top professionals and warmest staffers.

We Offer the Best Orange County Orthodontics

Our experts are continually trained in new procedures to guarantee that we offer the greatest care and produce the best outcomes for our patients. Our office remains current with technology advancements in the aligners industry. You can locate Orange County’s top orthodontist at Bill Redmond Orthodontics.

The Top Orthodontic Practice in Orange County

Consumers need to have faith in their orthodontist’s training before having a surgical intervention for dental problems. Being orthodontists, we provide a wide variety of treatment choices. Making an appointment for a checkup with an orthodontist is the initial stage in the orthodontics process. Knowing the anticipated length of the therapy will be helpful as well.

What is Renowned About Orange County?

California, the sixth-largest state in the US, is home to several well-known tourist destinations, including Knott’s Berry Farm and Disneyland.

Orthodontists Only Do Braces, Right?

Orthodontists offer a range of dental procedures, such as jaw realignment and tooth arrangement. In addition, orthodontists can assist clients with a range of issues.

How Do Dentists and Orthodontists Differ?

The teeth, gums, nerves, and jaws are the primary areas of interest for a dentist who is also an orthodontic expert. Orthodontists are dentists; however, they focus on adjusting bite and teeth orientation.

Which is Preferable, a Dentist’s or an Orthodontist’s Braces?

For a successful outcome and elevated care, dentists and orthodontists should collaborate. Orthodontists maintain tooth alignment, whereas dental specialists often concentrate on strengthening teeth.


Bill Redmond Orthodontics Orange County takes pride in being the best orthodontic treatment centre in the orange county community. We offer all orthodontic services, Redmond Orthodontics:

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  • Provides braces and Aligner treatment options

  • Enhances the smiles of patients by providing top-notch dental care

  • Provides services to Orange County residents

  • Experts in the field and a team of skilled professionals

  • Our mission is to help patients achieve a healthy, beautiful smile

  • Consults with clients about treatment options and develops treatment plans that are tailored to their needs

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